Jack Shainman: Gallerist, Show of Choice



Jack Shainman, a prominent but very distinct gallerist in the art world.  With two gallery locations in NYC, Shainman takes a wildly profitable approach by exclusively showing the works of unrepresented artists.  His approach in this was not intentionally done for guaranteed success,

"I don’t think we said, ‘Let’s represent black people because we can sell a lot...You have to love the work first."

- Jack Shainman


Diversity, the main framework of Jack Shainman Galleries, prompts the many artists who were found or exhibited by Shainman to give great respect to their initiatives. 

“We’ve really had to build our artists’ careers ourselves, which I’m actually very proud of, because a lot of the big galleries don’t do that”

 What I truly appreciate about Shainman is that his interests were pure.  He pursues these artists solely based on their narratives and artistic perspectives.  It was not a case to bring more diversity to the gallery to stand out amongst the others, it was a personal connection and interest into their artistic identities. 

The unhesitant take with these artists is what is so admirable.  Without stating "underrepresented, underserved or diverse" as keywords to reel in specified audiences, Shainman provides an equalized platform for talent to be showcased. Not directing their public perception, his exhibitions stand strongly on its own.  Shainman was certain that their message was strong enough to resonate with all audiences.  And it did, and still does.


Current exhibitions at Jack Shainman Gallery:





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