I aM: Individualistic Minds Explained

“We each write our own reality, and form our own mindful perceptions”

-Jasmine Boothe


I aM (Individualistic Minds) is created for the artist within each of us.  As artists and creators, our vision is our brand.  What we create must be elevated by our higher frequency of passion for the craft.

Becoming aware of one’s self is imperative in any field of life, but as an artist, it is vital.  The primary creation of our existence is our mind. Our first palpable creation is inspired by what we hear. The second creation is inspired but what we see. 

The purpose of Individualistic Minds is to define the artistic sense of authenticity, the Individual.  Gaining awareness and understanding of the world around us, we defy being just reiterations of what has been said or done before us.  Writing on topics that fill my curiosity and challenge my perception of society, I create through inspiration.  The question I leave with each piece

“What inspires you?”


The creation of thought is an art in itself; it is an intuitive process that develops through the scope of the creator.  It means to no longer see things just as they are.

An idea stemming from an ideal.  Individualism is a social theory regarded in the 19th century as an embrace of individual agency, stating that only the individual self is able to uplift one’s own societal constraints.  The ordeals and ideas formed in the mind of one is the result of experience, education and observations.

The question mark is the making of Individualistic Minds.  Disguised within the “a” it is like the beginning and end of each sentence.  “A...” what?  Before you can define something, before you can describe it, you initiate a question, whether it be stated verbally or in your mind.  Combined with the phrase “I am”, it is a statement yet a question. 

“I aM...”who? 

“I aM...” what?

To me identity is not a definite statement, nor is it a definite belief.  Who we are and what we are forever in flux.  Challenged by new ideas, reshaped by new understandings of self, we become shape shifters to a learning environment.

I truly believe you cannot fully know yourself until you can understand what makes the world: its past, present and possible futures.  For me, the way to get there is to interrogate, question all.

An artist in perception, I intend to showcase this “theory” and reinvent thought.  Explore each series and be inspired to respond, in any form you see fit.

I aM...?


Jasmine Boothe | Individualistic Minds


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