Highlighted Art Discoveries

These works are not necessarily current in the sense of its time in creation, but in the context of which their work resonates greatly.  

The Strength in Content


 Carry That Weight, Emma Sulkowicz

A college thesis project done by this Columbia University senior.

“A mattress is the perfect size for me to just be able to carry it enough for me to continue along with my day, but heavy enough that I have to continuously struggle with it"

Deciding to use a mattress, specifically the dorm room mattress as her medium, Sulkowicz silently protested the injustice of her rape and rape culture in itself.  Allowing this everyday object to symbolically present her story and the untold stories of rape victims, Sulkowicz makes this conversation through object one that can't be ignored.

For her visual arts senior thesis, Emma Sulkowicz, CC '15, will carry a dorm room mattress with her everywhere that she goes for as long as she and her alleged rapist go to the same school.


The rat invasion, RATANICS


"I also felt a very deep connection with rats when I started drawing them. I noticed so many similarities between them and humans. They basically mirror us. When the cities say, we have a rat problem-it’s really a human problem. "  --- Ratanics, Interview 2017

Street artist Ratanics with his rat army! With the phrase "Spread Plague! And Die!" this artist moves beyond the quickly spread wheatpaste and starts a social revelation in the streets.   (@ratanicacts)


Adelita husni-bey

Adelita Husni-Bey, The Council, 2018

Adelita Husni-Bey, The Council, 2018

 Featured in the Being photography exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, her hypothetical showcasing of the Museum, pertinent analyses and questions are placed in front of the viewer. Bringing real world narratives into this piece, Hosni-Bey asked MoMA's Digital Advisory Board in a educational workshop in which many of their responses are reflected within this piece.



I aM art discoveries of the week include artists who are not correlated by medium but message

They all challenge social bearings in various formats with the same goal: to awaken a society restrained by formalities

These are individuals.




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