Sarah Anne Johnson, Glitter Bomb, 2012


A fog attempting to cloud our waking being. Disguised as beauty but infatuated with poison, we walk into this Glitter Bomb believing this is life, this is everything we exist in. This Glitter Bomb is induced in all facets of life; social media, technology, pictures, television, music, conversation. All of these interactions are affected by this guile. We perceive life and self through these outlets and anything else is not apparent. In this fog we currently stand. The glitter stops us from thinking we are stuck, infatuated with something other than reality. But here we are. In the mix of dust we form a self that isn’t our true self, but reflections of what we see in this fog. The bomb exploded all around us so we assume there is nothing there but ourselves, our own mind and our own observations. But we are again wrong. After the Glitter Bomb dropped, our society has become mere representations rather than direct displays of humanity. We have a collective identity rather than an individual one. Individuality is lost even in saying the word. Individuality is sought after, said to be claimed, but yet contradicted. How can one seek individuality if in doing so seizes the opportunity? In this present, we are no longer in the past and far from the future. Within this glitter we stand as is. We believe we are advancing, excelling, but we are just retracing our steps. The same steps that after walking over so many times, disappear, and are no more. This glitter is our mentality and has become our virtual reality. Can we plug out of it?

Jasmine BootheComment