About ME

Jasmine Boothe

Creator and Writer for Individualistic Minds


I aM?

An emerging creative professional within the grasps of the art world.



A creative with words. Writing has always been my entry point and muse into the creative process.  

I am interested in what makes an artist. What is their inspiration, their influences and essentially their message. What can be said from their brush strokes, their recordings, their words, their capturings.

When I observe their makings, I reflect on my own.

I hope for this sense of unknowing to slowly reveal itself in time. Give me the answers to the questions I ask of myself.



So in my writings, I choose to examine those who might. Writing for the freedom of spirit, I aspire to awaken the creative.


I aM

Socially Conscious

Artistically Defined

Individually Driven


Jasmine Boothe,

Individualistic Minds

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