About ME

Jasmine Boothe

Creator and Writer for Individualistic Minds


I aM?

An emerging creative professional within the grasps of the art world and communications.



A creative with words. An appreciator of visuals, writing has been my entry point and muse into the creative process. Thinking of ways I can exist within the art world, as a natural Virgo, I decided to analyze and question its making.  Intrigued by the process of creation, I am interested in what makes an artist. What is their inspiration, their influences and essentially their message. What can be said from their brush strokes, their recordings, their words, their capturings. I fall almost negligent to my own drive. A sense of unknowing that will slowly reveal itself in time, I cannot answer these questions for myself. So in my writings, I choose to examine those who might.



Writing for the freedom of spirit, I aspire to awaken the creative.


I aM

Socially Conscious

Artistically Defined

Individually Driven


Jasmine Boothe,

Individualistic Minds

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